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I was sitting here trying to finish up a couple of overdue books. The problem, with writing is there never seems to be an end to it. Its one thought, one understanding and one subject to the next. What an amazing journey. Tamera and I are actually getting ready to go hide away a few days, hoping to get some serious relax time and much needed work done. There’s nothing like a ocean view. After my unexpected loss of Lori, I am paying closer attention not to take the people I love for granted.

Today, I was reflecting back on some prophetic insight I had publicly shared years earlier, one of which was about oil. Over the last few years, I have repeatedly said that over the span of the next 5 years the value of oil would decrease greatly. I said, “A time was coming in the near future when it would no longer be the most valued resource for energy.” Valued, yes, but not the most valued. That time is now here.

In light of today’s markets, this is becoming clearer all the time. It actually reminds me of a prophetic word I had spoken about prayer and worship, just on the heels of the year 2000. The Lord told me that ‘prayer and worship was going to explode across the nations and that it would never die down again.’

Prior to that time, historically, the motion of global prayer and worship looked like a rollercoaster ride. One season it was up and the next season not so much. Then suddenly a barrier was broken in the spirit and a very powerful prayer/worship movement emerged. God used IHOP in Kansas City to ignite a global flame and the rest is history. Since then, prayer and worship on many levels has exponentially increased across the world.

By the way, another form of prayer and worship is quickly emerging and will not look like anything you have ever seen before. I will share more about that at another time.

Energy, has now reached its climatic moment in history. What was once considered the primary source for power will quickly become a thing of the past. Amazing new resources for energy are on the rise and our options for power will never be the same again. In addition, as I have stated many times before, and will do so again, we have entered into a new era of light. “Light energy” will advance beyond most comprehension, not only in the natural, but the spirit as well.

Spiritually, as the light of God increases in his people, so will the power of peace. “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.” (Matthew 5:9) Again, though I have spoken about this many times, I feel the need to do so briefly again. A peacemaker is someone who has the power to put all things at rest. A Peacemaker also operates in a “restorative” anointing. The restoration of things is imminent. When Peacemakers become more visible, there will be fewer wars and international conflict. Wars and rumors of wars will become less, not greater. There will be less chaos. The order of heaven on earth will be far more evident. The violent shaking in the earth will become less. All creation will begin to take on an entire new look. Their eternal garments will become more evident.

Yes, I know, this sounds like the complete opposite of what so many have and are still predicting for the future. I believe the discrepancy is in the failure to compute one important factor into the equation, and that is the powerful authority the “Peacemakers” of heaven will have upon all creation, in the earth, on the earth, in the heavens, and beyond.

God’s kingdom of peace will be established on earth as it is in heaven. Not some day in the by and by, but here and now. In this generation, in this era, the same reigning glory in heaven will continue to increase upon the earth.

How? By stepping into the power of sonship, which is the manifestation of an “all creation anointing.” Let me say this again, we are living in a time when an “all creation anointing” will globally manifest, not only in this world, but throughout the universe and worlds to come.

The spectrum’s of this kingdom reality are as many as the spectrum’s of light, which by the way, in the kingdom of heaven, are endless. An “all creation anointing” incorporates the sonship of God to such an extent that the people of God will participate as supernatural divine co-creators with God.

This means the “light” of God in you will become so intense that “matter” as you know it today will completely be altered beyond human logic. Imagine a generation of sons and daughters who will walk in the revelation of what it means to be the “light of world” from an eternal perspective, not just an earthly one. Come on God!

I look forward to sharing more with you on this subject in the near future.

In the mean time, let me remind you that we are drawing closer to our new location, which will afford us the opportunity to express the newness of life that is flowing out of us for a time such as this. We are going into a greater expression of worship/school ministry. Please be in prayer for MTI as we continue to take on the increasing revelation of God’s intended glory.

We will let you know where we will be gathering this coming weekend, February 14, 2015 to continue our journey deeper into the heart and mind of “an all creation anointing.” Come on God!

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