Supernatural Alignment


Today, I was struck with the awesome awareness of a hopeful tomorrow. By the spirit, I was able to look beyond the moment into the future and see a government unlike anything we have ever seen in over 25 plus years. I was looking at a “supernatural alignment.” The increasing spiritual climate of heaven on earth is destined impact all of creation in unimaginable ways. Even in the fields of natural government, as great as the “Regan Revolution” might have been, this era will be unlike anything we have ever seen.

More than ever before, my faith is in the manifestation of a “love revolution.” I am not saying that in the natural, this intense regime change in USA will be all that, but it will undoubtedly create a gateway that will open heaven’s door into the hearts of political leaders in this nation, as well as in the world.

Currently, history is about to be rewritten at every turn. Yes, I know, given the chaotic state of our current elective process, many would say that I am taking a big risk by declaring a president who embraces honesty; integrity and transparency will occupy the presidential seat of these United States. Nonetheless, I am speaking out of what I believe to be the intent of God’s love for his people.

Of course, all that is about to transpire in D.C. is certainly not the all in all, but a mere guardian to spiritual maturity. I believe in the evolution of God’s increasing love upon the earth, thus impacting every kingdom in the world.

Many have resolved to the idea that regardless of the political outcome of this nation, the kingdom of God will continue to increase, regardless of its future leadership. I agree. Yet, while I believe there is no power that can squelch the destined intent of God’s heart, I also believe humanity has the ability to sabotage itself, thus creating unnecessary obstacles to overcome.

The mind of following the path of least resistance will often lie down and say, “whatever will be will be” God is in control. I am not of that mind. As sons and daughters of God, we have been empowered by the love of God to create a culture on earth equivalent to the culture of heaven.

I am extremely confident in the government of heaven. This heavenly treasure is in earthen vessels. Heaven in us is sufficient to restore all things to its intended divine order.

For some time now, I have repeatedly echoed, “we have entered into a “landslide moment.” Seemingly, everything will suddenly come into a supernatural alignment bringing all things into sync with the intended purpose of God for this nation.

While the final outcome will appear as an unexpected flood of intense victory, the true essence of its fulfillment will have come through those who are being governed by an absolute faith and trust in God. To the degree we are able to hear and see from the heart of God is the degree we can create a world that is in sync with that same love.

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