Never Die Again

How is it that every other form of decay is viewed as some type of sickness and disease except death?

It would be more accurate to say, “you never have to die again. But what does that really mean?

First, God is love. The Love of God is what makes eternity eternal.


“This is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent.” (John 17:3)

From Adam to Noah, the average life span was around 900 years plus. Excluding Enoch, who was translated at 365 years old and Lamech who lived to be 777 years. The idea of living close to a 1000 years seems a bit outrageous. Yet, compared to eternity it’s still a brief moment in time.

Over 2000 years ago, through Jesus Christ, we were reinstated into the revelation of God’s love. Through this same love, we were delivered from sin and death, which was the foundation of decay.

Decay is not just some hypothetical metaphor of an eventual death. Death and decay, is a disease.

Most people do not view death as a type of disease. They view it as an unavoidable process of life. Most believe it’s a process of life that cannot be altered outside of going to heaven after they die.

How is it that every other form of decay is viewed as some type of sickness and disease except death?

Science has no problem with labeling death and decay as a disease.

In April of 2016, in a recent medical report posted in “Vioviva USA Inc.” medical science reveals a startling breakthrough concerning aging.

Age Reversal

“First gene therapy successful against human aging”

“American woman gets biologically younger after gene therapies.”

Elizabeth Parrish, CEO of Bioviva USA Inc. has become the first human being to be successfully rejuvenated by gene therapy, after her own company’s experimental therapies reversed the years of her life by 20 years through normal telomere shortening.

Telomere score is calculated according to telomere length of white blood cells (T-lymphocytes). This result is based on the average T-lymphocyte telomere length compared to the American population at the same age range. The higher the telomere score, the “younger” the cells.

In September 2015, then 44 year-old CEO of Bioviva USA Inc. Elizabeth Parrish received two of her own company’s experimental gene therapies: one to protect against loss of muscle mass with age, another to battle stem cell depletion responsible for diverse age-related diseases and infirmities.

The treatment was originally intended to demonstrate the safety of the latest generation of the therapies. But if early data is accurate, it is already the world’s first successful example of telomere lengthening via gene therapy in a human individual. Gene therapy has been used to lengthen telomeres before in cultured cells and in mice, but never in a human patient.

Telomeres are short segments of DNA which cap the ends of every chromosome, acting as ‘buffers’ against wear and tear.  They shorten with every cell division, eventually getting too short to protect the chromosome, causing the cell to malfunction and the body to age.

In September 2015, telomere data taken from Parrish’s white blood cells by Spectra Cell’s specialized clinical testing laboratory in Houston, Texas, immediately before therapies were administered, revealed that Parrish’s telomeres were unusually short for her age, leaving her vulnerable to age-associated diseases earlier in life.

In March 2016, the same tests were taken again by Spectra Cell revealed that her telomeres had lengthened by approximately 20 years, from 6.71kb to 7.33kb. This implies that Parrish’s white blood cells (leukocytes) have become biologically younger. These findings were independently verified by the Brussels-based non-profit HEALES (Healthy Life Extension Company), and the Bio gerontology Research Foundation, a UK-based charity committed to combating age-related diseases.

You Only Have To Die Once

Notice how the emphases are put on the fact that aging is considered a disease at the cellular level.

I have had countless conversations with people concerning an ageless generation that will never die a physical death. I am amazed in the course of these conversations of how many people have tried to defend their position on death being an unavoidable consequence of life. It’s like saying, ‘the only disease Jesus did not heal on this side of heaven is death.’

The disease of death and decay was the result of sin, which is now under the blood of Jesus Christ.

“…He Himself bore our sins in His body on the cross, so that we might die to sin and live to righteousness; for by His wounds you were healed.”

Like any other sickness or disease, you don’t have to die another death and go to heaven before you can experience the healing power of God. Through Jesus Christ, we died the necessary death required to be resurrected from the power of death and decay.

In an attempt to justify their position of the unavoidable process of death and decay, many have quoted this passage of scripture:

”And inasmuch as it is appointed for men to die once and after this comes judgment, so Christ also, having been offered once to bear the sins of many will appear a second time for salvation without reference to sin, to those who eagerly await Him.” (Hebrews 9:27-28)

For the sake of time, I have not listed all the verses of this chapter. However, I encourage you to read Hebrews 9 in its entirety.  The writer of Hebrews is placing emphasis on the fact that Jesus only had to die once to redeem us from the law of sin and death. Prior to the death and resurrection of Jesus, under the law, all of humanity was sentenced to death and then judgment.

However, from a New Covenant perspective,

“I have been crucified with Christ; and it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself up for me.” (Galatians 2:20)

Enoch and Elijah

Though Enoch was before the Law of Moses and Elijah a few hundred years later, how were they able to bypass a physical death, thereby entering directly into heaven?

” By faith Enoch was taken up so that he would not see death; and he was not found because God took him up; for he obtained the witness that before his being taken up he was pleasing to God.”

While the bible does not specify the intentions of why Elijah was taken up, we know it was not without his love for God and the power of faith working in him.

Elijah knew he was about to leave the earth. He knew Jordan was his last stop before his departure. Other prophets of that time were aware of Elijah’s departure as well. When they repeatedly shared this knowledge with Elisha, he said he already knew, but did not want to talk about it. (2Kings 2:1-12)

This is the realm of knowledge and sight that God wants his children to walk in.

So what are some of the main ingredients to being further clothed with immortality?

Without writing a book, let me share on important ingredient to never having to die again.

John 6:53-55 reads,

So Jesus said to them, “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink His blood, you have no life in yourselves. 54 He who eats My flesh and drinks My blood has eternal life, and I will raise him up on the last day. 55 For My flesh is true food, and My blood is true drink.56 He who eats My flesh and drinks My blood abides in Me, and I in him.”

John is obviously not promoting cannibalism. So what is the flesh of Jesus in reference to?

At the beginning of this same book John writes,

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2 He was in the beginning with God. (John 1:1-2)

In John 1:14 we read,

“And the word became flesh and dwelt among us and we beheld his glory, the only glory of the begotten of the Father full of grace and truth.”

It is clearly evident that the flesh of Jesus is the Word. The Word is the breath, the life source of God in the flesh.

Again, quoting Jesus, John writes,

“It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh profits nothing; the words that I have spoken to you are spirit and are life.” (John 6:63)

Therefore, the flesh is the Word of God, thus the spirit of God.

What about the drinking of the blood?

Again, we know Jesus is not promoting vampires.

The blood of Jesus is in reference to the DNA of Christ. The blood is the spiritual DNA of God. Through Jesus, we were infused with eternal DNA.

The shed blood of Jesus was the final atonement for setting us free from the law of sin and death. Therefore, the blood of Jesus was the antidote for curing death. It is the primary key to overcoming decay.

It’s an embalming glory that preserves the body from decay. This embalming process is made up of the spices of heaven, which flow from the throne of God’s love.

Kingdom Cheers,


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