Periodic Table Of Elements


On September 6, 2015, I prophetically spoke about the Periodic Table of Elements being redefined, meaning, they would discover new elements that were not currently a part of the known Periodic Table. Some of this would occur through the act of changing/altering/combining the composition of one element into another. Thus presenting another state that did not previously exist. I stated that these new changes would eventually lead to the discovery of substances/elements that are not yet known, but were always within our reach.

Here are a couple of excerpts from the stated article on September 6, 2015 titled, “Alchemy of Heaven On Earth.”

“In previous articles/videos, I have shared about the prophetic insight the Lord gave to me regarding the “Periodic Table of Elements.” There are approximately 118 elements listed, a few of which have been added because of chemical manipulation. The Lord said, “Once again. the periodic table would be redefined.”

“Over the course of years, the Lord has shown me minerals/elements that are in the ground and in the heavens above that have yet to be discovered. These hidden treasures will play a key role in redefining the current periodic table. In addition, this new chart of elements will be the result of various metals seemingly of less value that will be converted into metals of much greater value…”

“The final stage of the creative transformation of these base metals and other seemingly concrete forms will eventually be accomplished through supernatural authority. This authority will readily become a common practice among sons and daughters of God. The bible gives testimony of this not only in Old Testament times, but also through the life of Jesus..” (read full article)

Again, on September 21, 2015, I released a video titled, “Transforming Matter” which was broken up into 5 parts. This video was part of our SOHL gathering (school of higher learning). I spoke on how we were entering into a time in history when the body of Christ would supernaturally alter the state of known elements (like Jesus turning water into wine) in ways that would upset the cart of previous understanding and capabilities. Thus, redefine the periodic table. Over the years, I have drawn a level of attention to this subject in various ways.

This is a recent national news report, released by CNN on December 31, 2015.


“Four new elements to be added to Periodic Table.”

“All four elements are not found in nature, and were synthetically created in laboratories.”  (view full news report)


I view these reports as prophetic landmarks, which indicate an accelerated knowledge coming into the earth. “All good things come from above.” Another barrier will be broken in the near future, one that will manifest the supernatural ability of the sons of God to take “matter” into their own hands, thus displaying the kingdom of God on earth as it works in heaven.

The Kingdom age of transformation is upon us now and has been for a great number of years. But now, in these coming years, the transformation of light and sound is about to alter our state of living in unfathomable ways. Come on God!

Jan 06 2016

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