Revolution Of A Kingdom Age

We are currently living in another dimension of the spirit where the government of time and light is being altered in unimaginable ways.


We are currently living in another dimension of the spirit where the government of time and light is being altered in unimaginable ways. For a number of years, I have spoken and written about the transformation of light, time/space and how its current state of confinement, which is a form of government, would one day be altered to such extent that time/space/light as we understand it would no longer be viewed the same again. We are now living in an age when all the fields of the laws of physics that were once considered unchangeable will be viewed as limited ancient rhetoric. Imagine all the laws of nature that have for generations defined the existence of all creation no longer being the rule of truth. The reality of this alone smashes all the boxes of most current thoughts of present day existence. Of course, as spirit beings we can say, “we already know this.” However, voicing a truth and actually walking in it are two different things.

Here is an example of a news report released by ABC in July 2015.

“Speed of Light No Longer the Limit”

“Scientists have apparently broken the universe’s speed limit.

For generations, physicists believed there is nothing faster than light moving through a vacuum — a speed of 186,000 miles per second.

But in an experiment in Princeton, N.J., physicists sent a pulse of laser light through cesium vapor so quickly that it left the chamber before it had even finished entering.

The pulse traveled 310 times the distance it would have covered if the chamber had contained a vacuum.

Researchers say it is the most convincing demonstration yet that the speed of light — supposedly an ironclad rule of nature — can be pushed beyond known boundaries, at least under certain laboratory circumstances.

“This effect cannot be used to send information back in time,” said Lijun Wang, a researcher with the private NEC Institute. “However, our experiment does show that the generally held misconception that ‘nothing can travel faster than the speed of light’ is wrong.”

It has long been my belief and understanding that “we are the supreme light of the world.” Jesus said, “You are the light of the world.” This is not just a simple way of saying, we are an inspiration to others, though we certainly are, but that we are the carriers of the revelation of the Father’s heart, which is the fullness of heaven on earth. In addition, as light beings, we have the ability to transcend all known physics of time/space, thus light. The laws of spirit, in this case “light,” are not subject to the laws of physics.

This means, we are not just created light, but creative light. As a result, all other forms of light are subject to the light of God that is in us. This also means, any and every form of light can be altered through the revelation knowledge of heaven in us; through us. If all visible matter is based on the speed of light this means that we have the ability to alter the state of the physical world around us. This is a small glimpse of the promised inheritance of God for His sons. In the bible we can read about many accounts where countless people, in conjunction with Jesus, altered the physical state of time and matter. As many already know, all visible matter is the result of the speed of light. Having the ability to alter the speed of light means we have the ability to alter matter itself.

Again, this should be no surprise to those who operate in the kingdom of God where the laws of nature are and have always been subject to the laws of the spirit. We are the intended light bears of all creation.

Here is a paragraph of a previous article I wrote in 2012.

Times and Seasons Of Heaven On Earth

“In the beginning, God said, “Let there be light.” (Gen 1:14) He literally spoke lights or light bearers into the firmament above. Just as there are bearers of light in the firmament above so there are alternate light bears upon the earth, which we are. This means that we are not limited to this dimension of time, light or space, but as sons of God, we are the light bears of the world. Over the years, I have continually expressed that the future is about light, not darkness. There are extreme destined discoveries of light, both in the natural, technology and in the spirit that will soon revolutionize the world as we know it today.”

In another article written in 2011,

The Illusion Of Time And Matter

“For a number of years now, I have been speaking about time. I have often prophesied that the illusions of time would one day be broken. There are currently three illusions that are coming to light, thus be broken. The illusion of death, sin and time. This means that our understanding of death, sin and time will completely be altered. When these three illusions are exposed, revolutions of Kingdom living will commence at a level many never thought possible.”

A recent article released January 23, 2015 of this year reads,

“Nothing Impossible: Scientist slow down the speed of light.”

Scientists have long known that the speed of light can be slowed slightly as it travels through materials such as water or glass.

“However, it has generally been thought impossible for particles of light, known as photons, to be slowed as they travel through free space, unimpeded by interactions with any materials.

In a new paper published in Science Express today (Friday 23 January), researchers from the University of Glasgow and Heriot-Watt University describe how they have managed to slow photons in free space for the first time. They have demonstrated that applying a mask to an optical beam to give photons a spatial structure can reduce their speed.”

Without a doubt, we are living in a galactic age where the boundaries of time/space and spirit will be rediscovered, thus redefined beyond any known generation.

Dec 02 2015


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