Spirit Of Witchcraft?


Recently, I encountered a deceptive spirit that was trying to diminish my desire and efforts to continue my course in the kingdom of God. The Lord brought me into the realization that it was nothing less than the work of witchcraft.  The spirit of witchcraft will always try to influence you into isolating yourself from the importance of coming together with the body of Christ. I like being myself and leaning into the kingdom realms of God on multiple levels. I also like being at home with my wife Tamera, doing things around the house, which involves others things such as writing etc. However, when all the above begins to confine me to my cave, thus leaving all else alone, I have just been seduced by the spirit of witchcraft.

Here is a quick reminder of the meaning of witchcraft.

It is derived from the word “famakiah” which is defined as medication, which is where we get the word “pharmacy.” By extension it relates to magic. In short, witchcraft is the art of influencing the mind into a medicated state. In this case, the medication comes in the form of a spirit(s) that seduces an individual into believing a lie. It’s an attempt to numb you down to the point where it becomes difficult to focus on the things that are eternal. It’s a crafty attempt to separate you from your true identity in Christ, to such degree; you become discouraged to the point of wanting to give up. In this case, giving up comes in the guise of doing something else that feels more personally gratifying.

 This same spirit will try to convince you that the things you thought were important are not as important now. Of course, there are seasons in our life when we are encouraged to adjust to the greater glory of expression in the kingdom of God. However, even during those times we are expected to remain in fellowship with one another, but at a much higher level.

Another sign of mental reduction, which is just another way of describing a seducing spirit, is that you become critical of those around you, especially spiritual leadership. The very ones that might have helped you enter into a greater dimension of kingdom living become prime targets of accusations. This is not to say that every-time someone points out something they believe is doctrinal unsound is motivated by a spirit of witchcraft. One is for the purpose of edification while the other is simply designed to depreciate an individual under the guise of spiritual concern.

In the end, it’s all about kingdom government. Today, the greatest targets of the enemy are those who bear the evidence of leading the people of God into a greater sphere of sonship. Even in the political environment of these United States, we are witnessing a level of accusation, thus an attempt of a famakiah spirit to once again medicate the minds of the people. In this case, the object of witchcraft is designed to seduce a nation(s) into believing that their greatest allies are really their greatest enemies.

Currently we are in the midst of trading floor experience where countless people are trading spiritual maturity for natural gratification. Many have become so focused on being anti-religious that the very idea of becoming non-religious is rapidly becoming more religious than ever before. More often than not, those who feel they have escaped the strong hold of religion, hold up their bottles of spirits, as a toasting gesture of their newly found religious freedom.

Seriously? Truly you can see the irony in all of this. Such a flag of freedom is at best, a perverted form of liberty that in no way reveals the true liberation of a heart that can only be found in the depth of God’s love. Let me caution you not to take lightly the liberties that afford us the opportunities to come together as a living ecclesia in heaven and on Earth.


Oct 16 2015

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