The Architects Of Heaven On Earth


For over fifteen plus years, I have been privileged to have my heavenly Father sing to me almost everyday. The immense pleasure of that reality, to this day, has never waned. The intensity of the love of God has continued to increase, expanding my life. More often than not, Father will sing about his pleasure and purpose toward me, thereby giving me access to the many places in his heart. Theses experiences enable me to participate with the architects of heaven in very unusual ways.

Many of you who know me, do not know, that in heaven, I am what you would call a “dancing scribe”, as well as, a “penned scribe”. As a dancing scribe, in the kingdom of heaven, I have the ability to create, form things into being that do not presently exist. This type of dance looks very much like a ballad dancer. I’m sure you can imagine my shock when I first encountered this image years back. I assure you, being a ballad dancer was never on the top of my bucket list of things wanting to accomplish this side of heaven. Nonetheless, along with my voice, I am quite graceful and am able to flow with the precision of a sculptured artist. With seemingly, only the sound of my voice and motion of my hands and feet, I am able to carve out a hopeful tomorrow for all eternity.

In the kingdom of heaven, through song and dance, I am afforded the opportunity to carve things/events into existence. Yes, I know. It certainly requires a stretch of the imagination to embrace what I am saying, but I am one of thousands upon thousands who are able to do the same. I know many of you reading this know exactly what I am saying. I think it’s interesting, when it comes to dance, while I am able to do this with such ease in heaven, thats certainly not the case on earth.

Time and time again, I have witnessed many others do this very thing at meetings and conferences. Realizing, while they are dancing they are occupying multiple realms at the same time, carving out the intent of the Father’s heart upon the earth. In retrospect, I think many of your reading this know what it is like to participate with the architects of heaven.

Please let me encourage you. I have seen the eternal structures that have risen out of your dance from the eternal realms of God’s kingdom. I have seen the visible government of heaven appear on the earth through the music, song and dance of God’s people. An instrument, when played, is nothing less than a glorious pen that has the power to create out of the heart and mind of God, thus becoming a visible force to be reckoned with. Equally, the songs that are sung, or the dances danced, they are the carving tools of heaven that have the power to scribe into being the very heart and nature of God.

In 2016, a threshold will be broken, which will unveil the musical scribes of heaven on earth. The kingdom of God, in the heavens above and on earth, will appear in unimaginable ways. The look and structure of God’s house is appearing in new form. This structure will reveal a government unlike anything we have ever known. Thus, the natural government upon the earth will become something quite different than most would have expected. All of which, are directly linked to the sound you make, the dance you dance, the instrument you play and the song you sing. Without a doubt, you play a major role with the architects of heaven on earth.

Jan 03 2016

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