The Watchman Of Heaven On Earth

We are seated in heavenly places, in Christ.

The revelation of God is leading us up the mountain of the Lord. Each time around takes us higher and higher. Which means, we enter into a greater sphere of ruling on earth from a heavenly perspective. “We are seated in heavenly places, in Christ.” We have heard this passage of scripture quoted time and time again, but I believe the revelation of this spiritual understanding is becoming more apparent everyday.

The recent attacks in Paris shook me to the core. I was shaken to the core, not because of fear, not because of possible future attacks, but because of my own complacency to increasingly occupy the realms of heaven, thus ruling over the earth at the capacity to which we are all called. From the realm of glory we are all called to a place of ruler-ship. As God’s chosen people, we are all destined to have dominion over all creation.

We should know the plans of the enemy. We should know the hidden agendas that the gates of hell have purposed for this generation and generations to come. In case you haven’t noticed, watchmen on the walls of kingdom authority have been targeted. Many who have gained access into the portals of heaven as watchmen over the treasures of God, have been experiencing some major opposition over the last few months. Having the ability to see, in advance, the demises of the enemy is a blessed role in the kingdom of God.

As many of you know, Kim Clement experienced a major set back in his life in these last couple of months. This recent attack against his body has created an intense challenge in his life, family and ministry. Kim, without a doubt has served as a watchman on the wall over this nation and other nations in the world. While I realize there are many people accessing heaven more and more, for many years, Kim has illustrated the importance of what it means to see into the future, thus disarming powers of darkness from carry out its evil intent against the people of God. Future watchmen of God will not only manifest their ability to see the future, but will function as a preventative force of heaven on earth. Regardless of what you might think about Kim’s theological perspective of scripture, he is truly a Prophet seer in the kingdom realm of heaven with a preventative impact upon the earth. Last night, after the terrorist attacks in Paris, I was reminded of some particular words that Kim prophesied over Paris.


“…God says, Paris, prepare yourself, France, prepare yourself, for the shaking has just begun. But even as I promised you, England shall join forces. So Israel shall help you as well. This is time to pray, for this that is brewing is ugly. This that is brewing has been brewing for a long time, but now it is spilling over into the neighborhoods and fear shall grab ahold and terrorize the people of Paris. But do not fear, for yet there are those that are praying and the prophetic word still stands that I will raise them up to once again bring down the forces of Islam, says the Lord.

I’m sensing that, it’s coming from my soul – you know God spoke about the 911 not taking place in America again because of His word and His protection. America cannot be too confident. I know that was a prophetic word and a promise, but think about this. Now they’re trying to perform these things in other countries and I just sensed this, like almost like France is experiencing what America experienced in a smaller way, but France is a small country. We need to pray for the people of France. There are some precious, precious, beautiful Christian people there and I just want you to know I love you (to France). Please pray for them because I feel like they want to do these mini-911’s in many different cities in many different countries outside of America.” (Kim Clement – January 10, 2015)

And again he prophesied,

Paris, I say to you by the power of the Living God, you shall come to life. Paris, I say to you and France, you shall once again seek the One and the Only God, the Creator of the ends of the earth. I prophesy over you today that once again a generation will arise that shall lay aside religion, lay aside secular humanism and say, “If there is a God, then I want to hear Him, I want to feel Him, I want to taste Him.” I stand over you, Paris, and I stretch forth my hands and I declare as a prophet of God, you shall know the Lord in all of His fullness and God’s presence and the cloud shall once again come and fall upon you and raise up a voice so that Europe may come alive.”  (Kim Clement – February 7, 2015)

Now here we are, standing in the fruition of those very words. Nonetheless, according to the word of the Lord, this is not the end of the world, but the beginning of a glorious manifestation of the kingdom of God appearing on the earth in unimaginable ways. This is the beginning of a visible manifestation of Paris and other surrounding countries who are destine to emerge from the ashes of death displaying the intended glory of God. I look forward to the speedy recovery of Kim Clement, knowing that he will emerge from the ashes of this temporary physical set back. His recovery represents a greater realm of Kingdom authority that will arise to a greater sphere of eternal rule. Come on God!

Nov 14 2015

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