Tilting On The Axis Of Glory

For centuries there have been stories circulating about reports of a "missing day" in ancient Egyptian writings, as well as, Chinese, Hindu and other ancient historical sources.

Joshua knew God, his power and his promises toward the people of Israel. After all, Joshua had a teacher named Moses, who demonstrated the power of God in unimaginable ways. It is noted that Joshua called out for help, commanding the “sun to stand still.” The reality of what actually happened during this historical moment is still a much debated issue in the minds of many biblical scholars.

It can certainly cause one to question Joshua’s understanding of science since it is the Earth that moves and not the sun. Many have wondered why he didn’t just say, “Earth quit moving.”

There was a time when I thought it was impossible for the Earth to move any differently than its intended design. At the end of 2009, I prophetically spoke about the Earth shifting on its axis. Shortly thereafter, in February of 2010, a Chilean earthquake was so intense major news networks reported the Earth, ever so slightly, tilted further on its axis; removing a fraction of time.

For me, this was one of many demonstrations that shifted my heart and mind into a new field of understanding concerning future prophetic manifestations.

Seasons are caused as the earth, tilted on its axis, travels in a loop around the Sun each year. Summer happens in the hemisphere tilted towards the Sun, and winter happens in the hemisphere tilted away from the sun. At the equator there are no seasons because each day the Sun strikes at about the same angle.

The five-fold mantle is currently shifting the body of Christ on its axis. As a result, we are coming into seasons of the spirit like no other generation before us. We are literally tilting into a greater field of supernatural glory.

I used to think Joshua had no idea his command would potentially slowdown 6.6 sextillion tons of spinning gravel and water in order for Israel to claim victory over the enemy.

Yet, when you think about what he witnessed with Moses and eventually the walls of Jericho, the lines of possibilities were quickly adjusted to a greater level of faith beyond previous comprehension.

Later I discovered in the Hebrew language the actions of Joshua did not read “Sun be still” but rather “Sun cease acting or stop working.” If this were the case then we can see how the gravitational pull of the sun affected the earth, thus causing the earth to slow down and the day becoming longer.

Therefore, it could be the rotation of the earth slowed down on its axis to almost half its normal rate. This obviously would not have affected the speed around the sun or the rest of the solar system.

For centuries there have been stories circulating about reports of a “missing day” in ancient Egyptian writings, as well as, Chinese, Hindu and other ancient historical sources.

Do not let the latest disruptions in this nation lead you to believe we are not on course toward the intended goal God has set for his people. We are nearing closer to another season of divine interruptions; in this nation and the nations of the world.

I have long believed the church has bottled the prophetic mantle into a more “user friendly” spiritual operation. In terms of the supernatural, we tend to get a little uncomfortable when the office of the prophet or any other governmental function in the body of Christ demonstrates itself beyond the axis of current understanding.

Over the last few months, Tamera and I have sensed and seen creation beginning to respond to the increasing authority of God’s sons and daughters. This authority is not limited to a five-fold government, but to whomever is willing to take the risk and step outside the walls of previous expectations.

I believe an entire generation is currently standing on the threshold of redefining the supernatural expectancy of heaven on earth. I love the supernatural gift of knowledge and how it is ever growing across the world.

Also, I love the eagerness of all creation and it’s longing to respond to the sons and daughters of God. The prophetic bar has been raised and now we are beginning to see the fruit of its longing demonstrating the love of God beyond measure.

This weekend, Tamera and I are back in Yakima, Washington and are excited to be meeting with everyone at the Holiday Inn for another intense gathering. On August 27, 2017, beginning at 10:00 AM, through prophetic song we will carve out the future with the mysteries of Father for his people.

See you there,

Michael and Tamera

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